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Motorized Retractable Awnings

We manufacture our standard awnings with widths from a minimum of 9’6” to a maximum of 40’. We have 3 projection sizes available: 8’, 10’ or 12’.


We also offer Cross-Arm awnings with widths ranging from 8 feet to 13’5″ and a 12 foot projection for specialized applications.

This year, we are pleased to announce a partnership with Sunbrella® fabrics where we are now offering 30 of the most popular/ top selling Sunbrella fabrics as part of our standard in-stock program. Additionally, if a dealer chooses a Sunbrella fabric not part of our 30, we can offer that at a 10% upcharge on the awning. 

Our awnings include the appropriate/ recommended amount of standard wall-mount brackets (F brackets) with the purchase of the awning. Additional specialty brackets are available with every order including: Soffit Mount Brackets, Roof Mount Brackets and Custom Manufactured Bay Mount Brackets.

10 Years on everything—hardware, fabric and motors. Our Warranty is non-prorated and transferrable.  Like our awnings, it’s the best standard warranty in the industry!

Motorized Screens

We custom manufacture motorized screens to widths of 30’. In fact, we specialize in large screen openings and have engineered our hardware to perform extremely well in these wide openings. We are experts in large motorized screens.

Our motorized screens all share similar components, but there is a vast array of uses for motorized screens. Whether your purpose is insect protection, weather/ solar protection or privacy, SunPro has a motorized screen for you. With different installation methods, a multitude of fabric options and a tremendous choice of hardware and screen colors, consumers will find the product they are looking for with SunPro.

Lifetime on the hardware, 10 years on the fabric/mesh and 5 years on the motor and controls.

Customers are amazed at the attributes of a solar motorized screen. 1st the screen will block out up to 95% of the suns UV rays (depending on the fabric choice) and keep the area you are screening much cooler. 2nd this drastically reduces the fading effect of the sun on furniture or flooring, 3rd the solar screen will block up to 85% of the wind and rain in the area you have screened, which is great for protecting outside furniture or an outside kitchen. 4th – The screen actually works in reverse for the winter (solar/polar), when you heat behind the screen, it will retain heat and work in reverse than what it does on hot summer days. This is truly a remarkable application of a motorized screen.

When you think about it, a conventional screen blocks the view that was intended. With motorized screens, the screen is deployed when you need it (solar protection, weather protection, etc.) and retracted when you don’t need it. The best of both worlds. Why compromise?

We don’t typically operate with backlogs. We pride ourselves on having the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We have an incredibly efficient manufacturing process backed up with a dedicated team of manufacturing employees and tied together with a software system that completes the process from ordering to manufacturing to final delivery of the product. Our goal is to complete the manufacturing process in approximately 2 weeks. In times of extreme demand, we may run longer lead times, but we are always putting steps in place to get us back to 2 weeks. Please talk to a SunPro representative to understand current turnaround times, component backorders and transportation timing.