The SunPro Advantage

Commercial Motorized Screens

Commercial screens have been incredibly popular and represent a fast-growing segment of the motorized screen industry.

Whether it is a restaurant that wants to use outdoor seating in all types of weather conditions or a hotel protecting outdoor areas from direct sun, our dealers are finding lots of opportunities to deploy SunPro screens in commercial environments. Typically, it is easy to show potential customers a quick return on investment that makes the decision to invest in a motorized screen a no-brainer. SunPro Motorized Awnings & Screens has sold and installed hundreds of commercial screens over the years and we have steadily evolved our product to stand up and perform in the rigors of a commercial environment. 

SunPro has developed considerable expertise in the manufacturing and installation of these products to ensure maximum performance.

From the development and refinement of our 4-inch commercial track system to the upgrade of internal components that have almost been over-engineered to perform well in environments where the operation of the motorized screen is critical to business, SunPro has developed considerable expertise in the manufacturing and installation of these products to ensure maximum performance. We gladly share that expertise with our dealers and will even be part of the presentation to prospective clients. We encourage all our dealers to use the SunPro Advantage and partner with us in this growing opportunity. 

We are proud of our value proposition to all of our dealers. We believe this is a significant advantage in the marketplace.

No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction

We have sold tens of thousands of motorized screens over the past decade in the Florida area with unparalleled customer satisfaction. In the past year we have tackled retractable awnings with that same relentless drive to provide exceptional customer service. Now we expanding our geography to dealers across the country and we intend to continue our commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry!

No. 1 in Customer Pricing

Our products are typically among the very lowest-priced motorized screens in the industry (on an apples-to-apples basis). This is done without sacrificing quality.

No. 1 in Turnaround Time

No one in the industry guarantees a quicker turnaround in the industry. This is a game-changer for our dealers who can’t wait a month or six weeks for a completed product to be shipped to their location. Now backed by our exclusive 14-Day Completion or It’s Free Guarantee.**

*Vinyl orders that are often used in commercial jobs don’t qualify for our 14-Day Completion or It’s Free Guarantee because of the back-and-forth nature of approval of drawings before the final manufacturing process. 

** Some exclusions apply.

No. 1 in Quality

SunPro’s top-quality product success is attributed to our precise management system, timely and efficient manufacturing process, our outstanding staff of dedicated manufacturing employees and industry-leading online ordering system.

SunPro Motorized Screen Overview

Enhance your indoor and outdoor experience with a motorized retractable screen.


Fastest turnaround time in the industry


Custom manufactured to ordered specifications


Solar, insect and vinyl screens available


Built to last


Available in spans up to 30'

3 Installation Methods

SunPro motorized screens can be installed in several different ways depending on the application:


Standard Sidetracks

For most residential screen applications, our standard sidetracks are the perfect way to install SunPro motorized screens. These tracks can be used for Inside Above Header (IAH) Mounts or Outside Above Header (OAH) Mounts (also called Surface Mount). These tracks can be used in conjunction with a Keder system or traditional zipper system, both of which are easily selected in our online ordering system.


Recessed Tracks

SunPro has installed thousands of recessed systems over the past decade, and our Recessed Tracks are the perfect way to get into the pre-construction screen business, where the tracks and even the roll tube and motor can be completely hidden from sight. This installation method is known as Recessed Roll Screen Installation (IAHR). This burgeoning business is taking off in major markets around the country. SunPro can help you capture that large market.


Commercial 4-Inch Tracks

For most commercial applications or where high wind loads occur residentially, we recommend our best-performing installation system: Commercial 4-Inch Tracks. When combined with Keder Technology, this installation system performs better than any other system. We always recommend this system for vinyl screens that typically face the toughest wind loads. SunPro has dozens of restaurants and commercial applications that have successfully used our commercial tracks for years. 

Motorized Screen Motor Options

SunPro has chosen two of the largest tubular motor manufacturers in the world as options in our Motorized Screens.

Dooya Tubular Motors

Dooya Tubular Motors is the global leading manufacturer of window and door automation. Dooya is headquartered in China but sells worldwide as the industry leader. In fact, Dooya claims that, every 6 seconds, one Dooya Motor is installed worldwide. That gives you some idea of their size. SunPro has deployed thousands of Dooya motors over the years with great performance and success.

We offer two Dooya motors as options with our motorized screens:

  • Dooya 50nm
  • Dooya 20nm

When price is an issue, the Dooya performs very well and provides our best budget-pricing screen.

Somfy® Maestria Tubular Motors

For more than 50 years, Somfy has been an industry leader providing motors for many applications, including the early development of motorized screens. Furthermore, Maestria represents a breakthrough in the industry. With smart functions such as obstacle detection and automatic adjustment protecting the screen and patio furniture as well as assuring perfect tension on the screen. Because of these smart functions, Somfy motors have become the standard motors on most motorized screens. Essentially eliminating the past No. 1 service issue in the industry, Maestria has improved the motorized screen industry.

We have two Somfy Maestria Motors in the lineup:

  • Somfy Maestria 550
  • Somfy Maestria 525

Somfy Specialty Motors

For interior units or lightweight solar screens, we offer two Somfy Specialty Motors:

  • Somfy Rechargeable Battery-Operated Motor
  • Somfy Ultra quiet Plugin Interior Motor

Remotes and Home Automation

Sunpro offers a range of remote controls for operating motorized screens, awnings and even interfacing with other home products. Our remote controls come with several functions: centralized control, timers, individual or multi-device control, etc. Find the perfect remote control for you. For dealers who want to provide their customers with home automation technology, we offer the Somfy myLink™. The Somfy myLink™ is a simple device that turns your smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated remote control for motorized products featuring Radio Technology Somfy®. myLink now works with Alexa, IFTTT and Google Home!

Remote Options

Single Channel


Dooya App being used on a smart phone


Hardware Color Options

SunPro stocks five standard colors for the motorized screen hardware (hood and housing, sidetracks and bottom bar) that match most exterior needs. These colors are simply selected in our online ordering process. If a color is needed that is not represented by our five, we can accommodate. Simply provide us the RAL number, and we can powder-coat the hardware in your order for a small upcharge.

Available Colors

Bronze colored housing unit


Black colored housing unit


Beige colored housing unit


Ivory colored housing unit


White colored housing unit



Fabric Options

For a motorized screen, the fabric or mesh is really the star of the show. Depending on the applications, from insect protection to solar protection and privacy needs to full-blown weather protection, SunPro has the right screen for the job.

Screen Products stocked by SunPro:


TuffScreen® Heavy-Duty Screen


TuffScreen® No-See-Um Screen


Suntex® 80/90 Solar Screens in all colors


Suntex® 95 in all colors


SheerWeave® Sun Control Screens in select colors


Coastline Plus® Fabric—Vinyl Products


PanoramaFR Fire-Resistant, Press-Polished Clear Vinyl

Latest Screen Technology

SunPro offers Keder technology as a standard in our motorized screens. Keder technology as an alternative to the traditional zipper system has been touted as a better-performing system of keeping the screen in the tracks performing properly. We make it easy in our software to choose Keder or zipper for the sidetracks of our screen systems. In addition, by adding the Maestria by Somfy motor with obstacle detection and automatic adjustment, our screens are equipped with industry-leading technology.

Keder Technology

Our keder (sidetrack system) has been independently tested with wins over 100 miles per hour and has never pulled from the track.

Obstacle Detection

The Maestria™ by Somfy® motor provides obstacle detection and automatic adjustment to protect carrier products, prevent fabric damage and ensure perfect tension.


As SunPro Motorized Screens are quickly becoming best sellers in the industry, we have instituted an industry-leading warranty for our product:



Fabric and Mesh

10 years

Motor and Controls*

5 years

*See warranty on this website for details.

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