Motorized Screens

Weather Protection

One of the great attributes of a motorized screen is that it can be manufactured or configured for a wide variety of uses and needs.

Weather protection is one of the most requested needs by consumers. Whether it is to provide shade, block the sun’s UV rays, protect again wind, rain and winter elements, or to keep your outdoor living area dry and protected, SunPro Motorized Awnings & Screens has the perfect solution for the job.

And when used in conjunction with our sidetrack system,  they all provide superior insect protection as well.

Solar Protection and Sun Control Features

Create an attractive defense to the elements, without hindering your view.

SunTex® 80/90/95

We stock Phifer SunTex® 80/90/95 as our primary solar protection and sun control screens. Phifer products do an incredible job of providing shade in a number of different applications. Additionally, these products provide wind protection and block much of the blowing rate that would typically penetrate a screen.

Features of SunTex® 80/90/95

Climate Control

Moderate whatever Mother Nature throws, for a more comfortable indoor space

Block UV Rays

Reduce the risk of harmful UV rays that can fade furniture

Reduce Energy Bills and Glare

Enjoy more efficient air conditioning with innovative fabrics that block 80-90% of the sun's heat and glare


GREENGUARD Certification ensures products have met some of the industry’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. Phifer was the first manufacturer in the window-treatment industry to achieve GREENGUARD certification for SheerWeave® interior shading fabrics and has since had a wide range of fabrics GREENGUARD certified including exterior sun control products.

Certification is completely voluntary and ensures that standards are being applied to maintain indoor air quality for the health and safety of building occupants. For more information on Phifer’s GREENGUARD certified products, please contact us.


Phifer SheerWeave® fabrics are the only shade fabrics in the world to include Microban protection. Microban antimicrobial protection works continuously to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.

Look for the Microban® logo in your fabric specifications.

Flame Retardant

Exterior Sun Control fabrics are flame-retardant and meet certain flame certification standards based on national and local requirements. Check the flame certification standards requirements for a project to verify compliance.

​Energy Savings

Phifer’s broad range of SheerWeave® fabrics provides excellent reduction in solar heat gain for a more comfortable environment and less work for your air conditioner. Allowing diffused natural light in, SheerWeave may also reduce the need for additional interior lighting for added savings.

Safe Use

The Safe Use designation provides assurance that our products are compliant with some of the most stringent standards for chemical content in the world, including RoHS, REACH, ANSI/WCMA A 100.1 -2007 and US Consumer Product Safety Commission Section 101 for lead content. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, certain levels of exposure to lead, a toxin that can be found in everything from painted toys and furniture to window blinds, can result in a variety of health effects. Even low levels of exposure can be harmful to children. The safe-use stamp marks another confirmation of Phifer’s commitment to remain environmentally responsible.

Melanoma International Foundation

The Melanoma International Foundation (MIF) is an organization established in 2003 to provide sound guidance and support by a Scientific Advisory Board of credentialed medical professionals and melanoma specialists. MIF provides free screenings and educational opportunities to communities nationwide. Phifer sun shading fabrics have been independently tested for their effectiveness in preventing sun damage to the skin and eyes as required by MIF standards. The MIF seal of approval is awarded to manufacturers of fabrics that demonstrate high performance in traditional shading devices such as umbrellas, awnings, sun shades and other complimentary sun protective products, including sunscreen lotion and sun protective clothing.


Printing unique colors, patterns, logos and graphics on Suntex® opens a whole new opportunity for product applications. Suntex fabrics are ideal for digital and screen printing methods. Your local printer can recommend the best print options based on its capabilities.

® TM ECOLIBRIUM and the DOW Diamond are trademarks of
The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow.
® GREENGUARD is a registered trademark of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.
® MICROBAN is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.
® TrackLess Technology is a registered trademark of PHIFER INCORPORATED.

SunTex® 80/90

Exterior Solar Screens and Sun Shades

SunTex® is a unique woven mesh that can block 80 to 90 percent of the sun’s hot rays before they enter your outdoor area. Perfect for exterior solar screens and sun-shading applications, SunTex 80/90 fabrics can be used for your door screens, patio, motorized shade, patio shades or canopy.

Exterior Shading and Energy Saving

SunTex® exterior shading fabric is made of strong vinyl-coated polyester and is pet-resistant. SunTex is mildew- and fade-resistant and needs only an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. What you may not know about SunTex 80/90 is that it can help with energy savings by reducing the heating effect of the sun’s rays.

Available SunTex® 80/90 Colors


SunTex® 80


SunTex® 90


SunTex® 80/90


SunTex® 80/90


SunTex® 80/90


SunTex® 80/90

Dark Bronze

SunTex® 80/90

SunTex® 95

SunTex 95 is engineered for your exterior roller shade applications. The stylish, durable shading fabric can be used for outdoor or indoor roller shades, window awnings or other shade projects.

Versatile and Durable

Versatile, durable and capable of blocking 95 percent of UV rays, SunTex® 95 is ideal for a multitude of uses, including outdoor roller shades, deck shading and sun-control screening for doors and windows. Not only does it help save on energy costs by reducing solar heat gain but this fabric makes for great protection against insects, thanks to a tight weave. ​​

Available SunTex® 95 Colors


White / Grey

Dark Bronze








Vinyl Protection All-Weather Control

For ultimate protection against the elements, SunPro offers vinyl products through Weblon® Coastline Plus® Fabric and PanoramaFR flame-resistant clear vinyl by StrataGlass™.

Primarily used in commercial spaces, this product can offer a real return on investment to a business owner who can’t seat clients in inclement weather or even some seasons, depending on geography. Benefit from total weather protection— rain, snow, sleet and even cold weather. Many businesses will even provide heat behind this product and create a usable outdoor space year round.

Weblon® Coastline Plus® Fabric

Weblon Coastline Plus from Herculite® is a high-quality line of awning fabrics. They feature a strong polyester base with manageable weight for excellent dimensional stability. This makes them great for motorized screens. This fabric provides owners with confidence that their motorized screen, awning or canopy will stay waterproof and tight on the frame. The top surface is treated with a Rain Kleen® finish for color retention and prolonged fabric life.

Weblon Coastline is flame-retardant as well as resistant to UV rays, water and mildew. It is also heat sealable for a strong waterproof and airtight seal. It accepts a variety of graphics, including pressure-sensitive graphics.

SunPro produces vinyl screens on a special-order basis. Any of the Weblon Coastline Plus Fabric colors are readily available for our vinyl screens.

PanoramaFR Fire-Resistant Clear Vinyl by StrataGlass

Experience crystal-clear clarity and durability without haze, dimples or distortion. PanoramaFR flame-resistant, press-polished clear vinyl is the ideal choice for outdoor enclosure projects. Restaurant windows, patios, sunrooms, greenhouses, marine enclosures and boat windows—PanoramaFR is designed to withstand the elements without disrupting the view in any application.

PanoramaFR is manufactured in the USA using the finest raw materials and is available in 20 mil. or 30 mil. sheets.

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