Motorized Screens

Privacy Screens

SunPro’s privacy screens give customers the perfect solution for enjoying views of the outdoors without allowing uninvited views back.

Our dealers recognize that privacy, in today’s age of heavy smartphone photography, is valued more than ever and trumpet this in communicating to customers why privacy screens are so beneficial.

SunPro Privacy Screen Options

SunPro’s privacy screens are available in a range of options for dealers wishing to spotlight our products. Every SunPro privacy screen we manufacture is custom-made to a customers’ exact specifications for their desired location. Customers need only provide a few simple measurements so SunPro can produce this custom product. With SunPro’s fastest turnaround time in the industry, customers can enjoy their privacy screens quickly. SunPro also offers a variety of screen options based on the desired purpose of product: insect protection, weather protection or privacy.

Hardware Color Options

Our hardware is available in five standard colors—beige, black, bronze, ivory and white—to match any interior or exterior color. Customers requiring custom colors may request them by submitting a RAL number as part of a special order.

Available Colors







Industry-Leading Warranty

SunPro backs our privacy screens with a peerless warranty in our industry. We offer a lifetime warranty on our hardware, 10-year warranty on our fabric and mesh, and five-year warranty on our motor and controls. Our solid warranty instills confidence in our dealers that they’re selling world-class products to their customers.



Fabric and Mesh

10 years

Motor and Controls

5 years


Customers can control their privacy with custom-sized retractable privacy screens. With the simple touch of a button on a multi-channel remote control, these screens descend, providing shade and solitude during any time of day.

Benefits of SunPro’s Privacy Screens

SunPro’s privacy screens enable customers to simply get more out of their homes without feeling boxed in by onlooking and nosy neighbors. Homeowners can feel the freedom to live uninhibited when investing in our privacy screens. Homeowners living in communities with houses positioned closely together enjoy privacy screens the most because they enable these residents the opportunity to look out windows and enjoy nature’s splendor without feeling watched by neighbors.