Motorized Screens

Patio, Porch and Balcony Screens

SunPro’s patio, porch and balcony screens provide homeowners and renters with tremendous enjoyment and functionality.

They offer cost savings, privacy, safety, protection against UV rays, shielding from pesky insects and more. These multipurpose screens offer a complete package for customers wanting to take their ability to enjoy the outdoors more while at home to the next level. SunPro’s patio, porch and balcony retractable screens are motorized and operated by remote control for the ultimate in convenience. Our dealers value these features in particular because they offer ease and time savings for SunPro screen customers.

SunPro Patio, Porch and Balcony Screen Options

SunPro’s line of patio, porch and balcony screens is ripe with options for dealers wanting to showcase our first-rate product options and customers looking for the perfect screen for their homes. SunPro also offers a variety of screen options based on the desired purpose of product: insect protection, weather protection or privacy.


Every screen is custom-made to the exact specifications of the space for which it is intended. This process is seamless for customers as only a few simple measurements are needed to produce this custom product. With SunPro’s industry-leading turnaround time, this product can be enjoyed in no time, making hanging out outdoors a breeze for customers.

Hardware Color Options

Our hardware is available in five standard colors—beige, black, bronze, ivory and white—to match any home decor. SunPro also offers custom colors on a special-order basis. We need only a RAL number to match any color desired.

Available Colors







Industry-Leading Warranty

SunPro stands behind our patio, porch and balcony screens with an industry-leading warranty. We offer a lifetime warranty on our hardware, 10 years on our fabric and mesh, and five years on our motor and controls, giving our dealers confidence that they’re selling top-flight products to their customers.



Fabric and Mesh

10 years

Motor and Controls

5 years

Key Features of SunPro’s Patio, Porch and Balcony Screens

SunPro’s patio, porch and balcony screens offer no shortage of stellar options our dealers appreciate in communicating why our products offer an exceptional experience and functionality.

Retractable and Motorized Screens

SunPro’s patio, porch and balcony screens are motorized and retractable. These are major features that SunPro dealers emphasize when talking to customers. SunPro’s screens are truly easy to use and offer lots of flexibility. All customers have to do is simply press a button and shield themselves, family and friends from the elements and uninvited guests, from the eyes of neighbors to insects and rain.

Cost Savings

SunPro’s patio, porch and balcony screens offer a benefit that is often overlooked and one dealers appreciate when selling to customers: cost savings. A SunPro screen might cost money up front, but it’ll help customers save money on their electric bills during the warm months by providing shading in temperature-controlled patios.

Because SunPro’s screens often adjoin a home’s windows, they can provide additional shading in connected rooms, lessening reliance on air conditioners and fans. SunPro dealers enjoy underscoring the fact that SunPro screens truly are investments that will pay for themselves and then some down the road, even increasing a property’s value.

Privacy Benefits

SunPro’s patio, porch and balcony screens are prized for their privacy benefit. Dealers with customers wanting to keep prying eyes away while spending time with family and friends enjoy playing up the benefits of this feature. This outdoors privacy barrier also elevates the aesthetics of a property, adding sophistication and class.

Child, Adult and Pet Safety

When in use with a balcony, especially, SunPro’s screens can serve as a gentle barrier that can help prevent young children from climbing or falling over a railing. Many dealers carrying SunPro screens reinforce this safety aspect in selling our products to customers, particularly those with young children and even pets. Fear not—a curious cat won’t be able to squeeze its way through a SunPro screen!

UV Ray Protection

SunPro screens also deliver wonderful protection against harmful UV rays. Sometimes referred to as solar screens, these patio, porch and balcony screens are designed to give customers the ability to enjoy their outdoor environments more by dialing down glare from the sun and shimmering light off swimming pools.

By shielding customers from prolonged exposure to sunlight, SunPro screens also help serve as a cooling shield, helping families and friends stay outdoors on their patios, porches and balconies for longer time periods.

Rain and Wind Protection

SunPro dealers also highlight our patio, porch and balcony screens’ ability to provide some protection from rain. When our screen customers enjoy spring and summer gatherings with family and friends, the last thing they want to do is call the party off because of showers and thunderstorms.

For customers who enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors during warm-weather months, SunPro screens’ moisture-blocking component is a key feature. Customers can keep their guests dry and their gatherings from being rained out, thanks to SunPro’s patio, porch and balcony screens.

When spring and autumn winds gather steam, trust that SunPro’s screens can help decrease the chilling effects, giving customers all the more reason to enjoy curling up with a good book on their patio, porch or balcony.

Insect Shielding

SunPro’s patio, porch and balcony screens also provide insect protection. For our dealers, being able to use our screens as insect shields can make all the difference in the world to customers wanting to enjoy barbecues and eating meals outdoors during the year’s warmest months.

SunPro’s screens prevent bees, flies, gnats, hornets, mosquitoes, no-see-ums (also known as sandflies), wasps and other insects from getting in the way of customers’ gatherings and the foods and beverages they wish to enjoy outdoors.

SunPro’s tightly woven fabric used in our retractable patio, porch and balcony screens keeps out the smallest bugs! Additionally, SunPro’s screens can also help prevent customers’ furry companions such as cats and dogs from being bothered by insects.

SunPro’s Patio, Porch and Balcony Screens Are a Cut Above

An investment that can elevate customers’ enjoyment of their favorite outdoor spaces

SunPro’s patio, porch and balcony screens provide homeowners and renters with more than many of them can dream of when simply looking for a screen for privacy or sun protection. Our screens also deliver cost savings, retractability and motorized function, safety, rain protection and insect shielding.

Truly, SunPro’s patio, porch and balcony screens represent an investment that can elevate customers’ enjoyment of their favorite outdoor spaces, giving them longer reasons to stay outside and enjoy the fresh air.