Motorized Screens

Garage Screens

SunPro’s garage screens deliver the ultimate in privacy, weather protection, insect protection and even pet containment.

Whether a customer is working on an automobile, working out using gym equipment or tidying up tools and other items, he or she can simply press a button to enjoy privacy from neighbors, keep out whipping winds and moisture from showers as well as block access to insects. All this while enabling outward visibility and air to flow freely. SunPro’s garage screens are stored in lightweight housing that simply is installed above a garage. Our dealers value the beauty, functionality and ease of use that SunPro’s garage screens offer to our customers.

SunPro Garage Screen Options

SunPro’s garage screens, available with insect, solar or vinyl mesh, offer a lot of flexibility. They are custom-made to exact specifications, and our process is seamless for customers. Only a few simple measurements are needed to produce this custom product. With SunPro’s best-in-industry turnaround time, our garage screens can be installed and enjoyed in very little time. Dealers are advised that SunPro offers a range of screen options based on the use of our garage screens: privacy, weather protection or insect protection.

Hardware Color Options

SunPro’s hardware is available in five standard colors—beige, black, bronze, ivory and white—to match virtually any home decor. For customers wanting a custom color, SunPro can deliver a garage screen with the desired housing color on a special-order basis. We need just a RAL number to match any color.

Available Colors







Industry-Leading Warranty

Our dealers know they’re offering a high-quality product to their customers beyond more than the striking design and build quality of SunPro’s garage screens. SunPro’s robust warranties give our dealers confidence that they’re selling products made to last for many serviceable years. We stand behind our garage screens with an industry-leading warranty. We offer a lifetime warranty on our hardware, 10-year warranty on our fabric and mesh, and five-year warranty on our motor and controls.



Fabric and Mesh

10 years

Motor and Controls

5 years

Key Features of SunPro’s Garage Screens

Retractable and Motorized Screens

SunPro’s garage screens are motorized and retractable. SunPro dealers emphasize our garage screens’ ease of use compared with competitors’ products when talking to customers. SunPro’s screens feature lots of flexibility. Customers merely press a button on a remote control to shield themselves and their family from the elements and unwanted guests, including bugs of all sizes. Best of all, customers can program their garage screen motors with the remote control so their screens descend to a desired length or choose to just let it extend completely, making their space all the more versatile.

Cost Savings

Garages can get sweltering during the hottest months, especially in warm-weather states. Customers who do a lot of work in their garages would appreciate having a SunPro garage screen to help decrease the temperature, minimizing or even eliminating usage of noisy fans. SunPro dealers recognize that SunPro screens are beneficial investments that may pay for themselves in cost savings in addition to enhancing a garage and increasing a property value.

Privacy Benefits

SunPro’s garage screens offer fantastic privacy benefits for any customer making use of our products. Dealers understand that homeowners want the freedom to enjoy working or even working out in their garages while allowing fresh air to circulate on a warm day. They tout the privacy benefits our garage screens deliver as a key feature. This privacy barrier also elevates the style and appearance of any garage.

Rain, Wind and UV Ray Protection

SunPro dealers appreciate playing up our garage screens’ ability to shield customers from winds that usually barrel through garages and storms that splash water all over a garage floor. Customers who enjoy tinkering with their antique vehicles or pumping iron in their garages value having a well-built garage screen that can keep strong winds and thunderstorms from spoiling their time in their garages. Additionally, our garage screens’ PVC-coated fiberglass properties block out harmful sun rays.

Insect Shielding

SunPro’s garage screens also provide outstanding insect protection. Our dealers recognize that customers want to use their garages as they wish without having to deal with a parade of bees, flies, gnats, hornets, mosquitoes, no-see-ums (also known as sandflies), wasps and other insects from getting in their way, chasing them inside or forcing them to shut their garage doors.

SunPro’s dealers understand the value of this key benefit of our garage screens, especially when communicating to customers who work on their vehicles or exercise in their garages. These customers may spend a considerable amount of time in their garages and want to be comfortable.

SunPro’s tightly woven fabric used in our garage screens keeps out the smallest bugs so customers can pursue their passions in their garages without dealing with nuisances.

Pet Safety

Garages with screens can be popular places to give cats and small dogs an opportunity to get in some unsupervised laps. For this reason, SunPro’s garage screens can extend the functionality of any customer’s garage, adding value to their decision to invest in our products. Pets are safely contained when using a SunPro garage screen that’s been lowered completely, thanks to our retention zippers that firmly secure our screens in place. Our garage screens can also help prevent customers’ pets from being bothered by insects while enjoying a change in scenery.

SunPro’s Garage Screens Are Superior Products Compared with Competitors’ Offerings

SunPro’s garage screens are unrivaled when it comes to looks, function and ease of use. Our garage screens offer customers an opportunity to enhance the look and feel of their garages and get the most use of this often-overlooked space in a home. By delivering a retractable, motorized and trackless screen, privacy benefits, insect shielding and protection from wind, rain and UV rays, SunPro garage screens represent a first-rate solution for any homeowners wanting to maximize their garage space.