Motorized Screens

Lanai Screens

Get the most out of treasured outdoor space with the unrivaled protection of SunPro’s lanai screens.

Carefully designed and custom-manufactured for each installation, SunPro lanai screens are available with a variety of screen options for insect protection, weather protection or privacy. Every lanai screen is available with a wide range of color options to elevate the look and feel of an outdoor space.           

Industry-Leading Warranty

With SunPro’s industry leading warranty, you can be confident that our motorized screens are the best-in-class product available on the market.




Fabric and Mesh

10 years

Motor and Controls

5 years

Screen Options

Match any home exterior with SunPro’s beige, black, bronze, ivory and white hardware options. Or, special-order a custom color—we just need a RAL number to match any color desired!

Available Colors








Every lanai screen is custom-manufactured to the specific application. Large or small, SunPro can produce a lanai screen that will heighten the enjoyment of an outdoor space for years to come.

Key Benefits

SunPro’s lanai screens offer an abundance of options and features, resulting in highly satisfied customers who agree that our Motorized Screens are truly a worthwhile investment for their homes.

Retractable and Motorized

With the press of a button on a remote control, SunPro’s lanai screens can instantly be adjusted in their outdoor environment. Whether to let in the bright sunlight or keep it at bay, you will value SunPro’s ease of use.

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Rain and Wind Protection

Get the most life out of an outdoor living area by investing in a lanai screen that can endure summer showers and windy days. Our fabric and mesh choices block out as much as 95 percent of the sun’s hot rays and provide daytime privacy without losing outward visibility. Keep out the rain and wind for extended enjoyment of any outdoor space.

Another benefit of lanai screens is that they can extend the life of outdoor mats, furniture and seat cushions by reducing the risks of fading, mold and mildew. Go ahead and get creative with exterior lighting and outdoor kitchens without the fear of damage by the elements.

Cost Savings

Thanks to robust shade protection, retractable lanai screens can significantly cool down outdoor spaces, which can translate into cost savings for homeowners and raise a property’s value.

Privacy Benefits

In addition to providing shade protection during the warm-weather months, SunPro lanai screens can enhance privacy, allowing homeowners the enjoyment of natural light while maintaining privacy from prying eyes.       

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UV Ray Protection

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, approximately 9,500 U.S. residents are diagnosed with skin cancer every day.

We recognize the benefits of limiting UV ray exposure, which is why we offer fabrics that receive the the Melanoma International Foundation (MIF) seal of approval for effectiveness in preventing sun damage to the skin or eyes.

Insect Shielding

Create a bug-free and more pleasant outdoor experience with a functional SunPro lanai screen. Enjoy outdoor barbecues and meals during the year’s warmest months without the nuisance of flies and bugs—even your feline and canine friends will thank you!

SunPro lanai screens are favored for their quality and features

Our dealers praise our first-rate, durable build quality and ample feature set.

With all of the game-changing benefits that come with investing in a SunPro lanai screen, it’s easy to see why purchasing one or more for a home is a smart move to make.

  • Protects a swimming pool from rain and wind
  • Adds privacy
  • Creates a barrier from insects
  • Improves quality of life
  • Increases home value